Wired That Way (Paperback)


The best overall discussion/application of The Personalities.

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Finally, everything you want to know about The Personalities in one book! For years customers have been asking of one book that addresses all aspects of The Personalities so they did not have to purchase Personality Plus, Personality Plus for Couples, Personality Plus for Parents, Your Spiritual Personality, Your Personality Tree, and Communication Plus. Wired That Way is that book. Additionally, it contains newer applications not found in the earlier books including an important chapter on Emotional Needs, an expanded teaching on masking, and Personality blends.

Wired That Way provides readers with information that will help them discover their Personality, maximize their strengths & improve their relationships. Filled with real-life stories and quick-review charts, the ten chapters of Wired That Way will introduce the reader to the concept of the Personalities: Popular Sanguine, Powerful Choleric, Perfect Melancholy and Peaceful Phlegmatic–with their history and practical application for today; enable readers to quickly identify the Personality of others by watching for visible cues such as body language, mannerisms and personal space; help them maximize their strengths while eliminating their weaknesses; expose each person’s uniqueness as the Personality blends allow for far more variations in Personality than just the four basic types; understand the emotional needs that come with their inborn Personality and the impact they have on daily processes; and apply this to specific areas such as marriage, children, communication, the workplace and spirituality. While there are situations that even the most saintly might not be able to avoid, most relationships–professional or personal–can be salvaged, saved or just shored-up. Wired That Way can turn most relationships from “terminate” to “germinate”–from dead, to growing.

After reading Wired That Way many readers want to expand  and their knowledge and subsequently purchase one of the earlier books with increased application to a specific area of need.

Wired That Way is appropriate for church, personal or business use.

P160 Gospel Light, Paperback, 278 pages


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