Behind the Personality (Book)


Get to know the woman “behind The Personalities.”

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The name Florence Littauer and the concept of The Personalities have become synonymous, as she has spent the last thirty years of her life teaching the life-changing concepts. As she has spoken to church groups, business conventions and medical teams, she has popularized the system known as The Personalities and it has become the standard on personality profiling in many settings. While The Personalities are used worldwide, many people know little about the woman “behind The Personalities.” Behind the Personality is a newly revised and updated version of her life featuring full-color photos of life-shaping events and family members. The closing chapter is Florence’s touching tribute to her husband of fifty years, Fred Littauer, who died during the final editing process of the book. Whether you are a fan of Florence’s work or have wondered where did the phenomenon of The Personalities come from, Behind the Personality is the book for you! P131 Revell, Hardcover, 288 pages


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